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User Gallery – Bears Beads and Chains

These pretty  things were designed and made by Claudia Hogue and Shari Burton of Bears Beads and Chains.

Strands contain Brass Bicone Beads, Watermelon Beads, White Hearts, Krobo Beads, Kakamba Beads, Ghana Beads, Feather Beads, Eye Beads, Batik Bone Beads, Padre Beads, Ostrich Eggshell Beads, Snake Beads, Heishi Beads, and just about everything else!


Want to show off the pretty things you made with beads that you purchased from us?  We would love to share them.  E-mail us your pictures.

Photos courtesy of Claudia Hogue and Shari Burton – Bears Beads and Chains